Growing the crypto ecosystem, one successful transaction at a time

Onramper is focused on unlocking the potential of crypto for the masses by bringing local payment methods, intelligent decision making and intuitive design in one widget.

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How it all began

We started by building a non-custodial widget that can be integrated by DAOs and decentralised exchanges on Neo but the core issue was that people did not have access to crypto to fund those wallets.

Onramps at the time were fragmented across the geographies they serve, the payment methods they support and there was no single way to have access to multiple fiat-gateways through one single API or service. From here, Onramper was born to solve this very issue.

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Our mission

Making fiat on-ramps frictionless

To unlock the potential of crypto and web3, we first have to make sure that users can buy cryptocurrencies of choice. Currently, 7/10 users who try to buy crypto will run into failed transactions. Objectively, that just means it doesn’t work.

By aggregating on-ramps and building the intelligence to make sure the right on-ramp is used for the right transaction, we can solve this problem. For us, a frictionless onramping experience is step number one in unlocking the potential of the crypto and web3 space for the masses.

Our Values

To help people build and access a decentralized world, as a team we embrace the following values

Cultivate personal connection

It all starts with people. We believe in connections based on empathy, positivity, integrity and honest communication.

Drive the truck, don't let it drive you

To us, this means not letting life happen to you. We empower each team-member to drive the change and improvement they want to see.

The average sucks

Our mantra. It's easy to beat the average and become extraordinary, as others won't do it consciously. We have created a formula for it. Ask us about it! :)

So now what? Why?

This quote quickly became one of our favorite tools after being dropped in a meeting. Saying it *with a smile* allows us to zoom out, and act with the end-goal in mind.

Be curious, continuously

Curiosity breeds learning! By continuously being curious we build better solutions, unfazed by tackling things that are only implausibly possible.

Our investors

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We are a diverse team from different cultures that is focused on a single mission to improve the bridge between the fiat- and the crypto world. You can find us sitting in the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Germany, Pakistan, Nigeria and the UK.

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Let’s grow the crypto ecosystem together

Our strength is in our diversity and we’d love to hear from you and have you come on board to help us build the best fiat-crypto onramping solution.