Faster and more intuitive onramping widget in a new look

A new dawn in fiat-crypto payments.

Jan 26, 2023


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Thijs Maas

Thijs Maas

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Today, we’re undertaking our biggest step yet in the movement towards unlocking crypto’s potential for the masses. The new, updated Onramper widget offers better performance, improved documentation and is built on a brand new architecture that is based on a modern microservice design framework. We’re also excited to introduce a new visual universe across the website and widget which is a product of extensive research and will delight both end users as well as technical and product teams at leading wallets, DEXs and CEXs.

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New Fiat-Crypto Onramping Widget

Our widget has undergone a technical and visual (more on that later) upgrade. First and foremost, it leverages a completely new and improved architecture under the hood optimising on performance, scalability and easier maintenance. For you this means reliable service, smoother user experience and more frequent product improvements in the future. You focus on your business while we focus on onramps.

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Today we support over 95 fiat and 240+ crypto currencies, offer 35 local payment methods in more than 190 countries and work with 9 major onramps. Ahead of launching the new widget, we’ve conducted a series of tests and have kept the end users front and centre. The widget’s new UI improvements take this into account and will make it easier to present the range of services in one concise look - thereby simplifying the trading or swapping experience and increasing your success rates.

Lastly, we’ve introduced - and will continue to improve - new and more robust documentation. The developer experience is the bridge between the financial infrastructure and wider crypto adoption and we want to make it as easy as possible for your technical team to integrate and troubleshoot Onramper.
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New Logo, New Website and Fresh Approach to Onramping

We are also beyond thrilled to be introducing a new logo and new colours to the Onramper website, widget and documentation. The central element around the 360° new look is the flick of a switch.

This element rests on our beliefs that consistency is the foundation of trust and that usability and intuitiveness for the developer and end user experience are worth obsessing over. With a process as easy as flicking a switch and one of a kind global reach, Onramper brings seamlessness and flexibility to crypto transactions as well as onramp management.

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Drawing from the toggle, the O-switch avatar is simple, strong and instantly recognisable on all digital surfaces. We’ve opted for lowercase letters to convey the ease of integration that underpins our product (less than one hour) and to signal that crypto infrastructure doesn’t have to be complicated. Lowercase notwithstanding, in our communication with you, we will continue to spell Onramper the old way.


The focus on what happens within the transaction and flexibility has to be present in all parts of the design and motion graphics is no exception. We also use the design DNA from the circle shape of the O-switch in all graphic assets, from ui-assets and 3D graphics to functional icons. The graphic pattern visualise the Onramper universe with all of its possibilities – a grid of opportunities always in flux, an ever changing element that adapts to your needs


There is no shortage of blue in the crypto or finance universe. Selecting green was not just about differentiation, but also about determination. Our determination to further support our message that crypto services can be trustworthy, fresh and innovative. This is where green as a primary colour paired with black and white (plus secondary tech blue) come in.

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What’s Next for Onramper

Unlocking the potential of crypto for the masses remains our pursuit, and we’re committed to it more than ever. In 2023 we will continue this journey in a way that is unique to Onramper and by focusing on building the best and most comprehensive onramp aggregation platform.

First, we will further expand our global reach. In the coming days and weeks, we will announce a series of onramps that focus on serving different parts of the world. With 35 local payment methods in 180+ countries and growing, further increasing localised support in the Middle East, Asia and building redundancies in other places is essential to give your business an edge.

Second, we will continue improving transaction success rates so you can see your volumes grow. With our Dynamic Transaction Routing engine, on average we increased transaction authorisation rates by 70%. Introducing advanced routing capabilities, will help further push this number up while providing your users with the best rates.

Third, we will simplify the end user experience. A three step fiat-crypto onramping widget was the start. We will continue to invest in user research and we believe that we can make this experience even faster. We’ve dissected each of the hurdles preventing users from having a smooth experience and will be introducing massive improvements to each of those throughout the year.

The new widget and look and feel are just the start and we look forward to sharing more news, features and announcements with you soon. Thank you for being part of our journey!